WelcomeEl Kayar Trading, Engineering, and Agencies is a leading importer of chemicals in the Egyptian market. Our products cater to a broad range of industry sectors, including detergents, glass, ceramics, fertilizers, textiles, paints,and pharmaceuticals.

We pride ourselves in being a family-owned family-operated business in Egypt since the early 1900s, when our operations began in the trading of foodstuff and grains in Alexandria, Egypt. Our business portfolio includes the import and export of chemicals, foodstuff, grains, and oils.

Since 2002, and under the leadership of Eng. Mohamed Abdel-Moneim El-Kayar, our new company brand El Kayar Trading, Engineering, and Agencies has emerged in the regional market as the leading Egyptian importer of chemicals incorporated in the manufacturing of detergents, glass, and ceramics. Our main line of imported products also includes raw materials and chemicals for textile, pharmaceutical and other chemical-intensive industries. Our regional services span a broad range of specialties such as business agency, sole representation, and regional marketing and distribution.